Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty Clinical Care Responsibilities

The faculty physicians are ultimately responsible for the care of the patients and must oversee all aspects of patient care; including: the initial consultation; treatment planning; dose prescription; and treatment delivery. Patients will be seen by the physician with the residents.

Weekly chart reviews with the attending and resident will be held and they will review: the radiation therapy plan and evaluate any need for changes; assess the patient tolerance of the current treatment plan; and plan the timely integration of other treatment modalities. All initial consultation notes, reconsultation notes, end of treatment notes, brachytherapy notes, follow-up notes, letters to referring physicians or patients, simulation films, treatment prescriptions, dosimetry plans, treatment verification images, and weekly treatment notes must be reviewed and co-signed/approved by an attending physician.

Attending Call
Attending physicians will have call coverage and be available for consultation with the resident on-call at all times.  They will be available to come to the hospital in the event that a patient requires emergency radiotherapy or for brachytherapy source removal if necessary.

Faculty Clinical Curriculum Responsibilities

The faculty will be responsible for understanding the Program Core Curriculum Categories and Six General Competency Areas. They will gear their mentorship towards resident achievement of general competency in these areas and particularly towards achievement of Residency Milestone Expectations as outlined in the Residency Guidelines. Their clinical practice should be academically oriented with an emphasis on practice-based learning and improvement and may include patients on clinical trials as appropriate.

In addition to daily mentoring, the faculty member is required to provide didactic clinical lectures in their areas of expertise; participate at New Patient and Simulation Conference; participate in the critical review of articles presented at Journal Club; participate in Morbidity and Mortality Conference; and participate at Multi-Disciplinary Tumor Boards.  Attendance will be kept at the above departmental conferences for assessment purposes.

The faculty will evaluate the residents based on their achievement of milestone expectations within the Six General Competency Areas. They will provide this evaluation of the resident's performance through the institution's electronic New Innovations system. Faculty will evaluate the residents by oral examination semi-annually.