Call Policy

Call Policy


Residents are required to take weekly night calls from home on a rotating basis.  Normally, they are on call from home an average of every sixth week. There is no overnight in-hospital on-call duty. Per the ACGME Duty Hour Rules, the resident is allowed to spend one full day out of seven away from the hospital.

Call goes from Monday at 5:00 PM until the following Monday at 8:00 AM. During a three-day Holiday weekend, the resident who is on call during the weekend will remain on call until Tuesday at 8:00 AM. Faculty will be on call as well and will be available for resident consultation at all times. First year residents will be on call with a more senior resident for the first 6 months of their residency.

It is the resident's responsibility to know which attending is on call with them; as well as, which radiation therapy technician is on call and how to page both in case of an emergency. The on-call resident will take call for the department and will answer telephone calls from patients. They will go to the hospital and evaluate emergency consult patients and then review the case with an Attending. Residents are expected to respond to oncology emergencies, such as spinal cord compression, promptly, and to plan and initiate emergency treatments at night or on the weekends with faculty supervision and guidance. The resident is not to initiate treatment without the review and approval of the attending physician. The resident should review all emergency patients and telephone calls for which they have any questions with the attending on call.

The on-call resident is required to be in the clinic at all times during patient treatments. Patient treatment starts at 8:00 AM on Monday-Thursday and at 7:00 AM on Fridays. On-call residents must be present for any evening and weekend emergency treatments. If they are medically able, they should assist the radiation therapist in emergency patient transfer to and from the treatment table.

After documentation of appropriate physics training in radiation safety has been completed, the resident will remove radioactive sources from brachytherapy patients if they are scheduled for removal after clinic hours (after 5:00 PM). Senior residents will be on call with any first year resident during the first 6 months of training and will go to the hospital with the resident for all procedures.