Teleradiology: FAQs

Teleradiology: FAQs

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What is your turn around time?  When do you cover?

We provide coverage M-F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Any urgent study that arrives during those hours will be handled in a STAT manner and if requested, a one-hour turnaround time can be provided. We offer “early reads” and if in our office by 2:30 pm daily, you’ll have an interpretation by 5:00 pm. Our routine interpretations are completed in 24 hours, and often much faster.

What are the startup costs?

There is no charge for getting your facility set up to send images to UVA and our IT department works with your hospital staff to ensure a secure, HIPPA compliant solution.

How long does it take to begin services?

Speed of implementation depends on image transmission set-up and contract signature. Typically, we like to have four weeks to complete those tasks.

Who reads my films?

You know that old saying, "two heads are better than one?"  We have a resident provide the first reading of your images followed by a subspecialized radiologist. So, your images are viewed consistently by two radiologists for the best, most comprehensive interpretation possible. 

Do you provide preliminary or final reports?

We provide final reports. You may receive a preliminary report if a finding is requested quickly, but we will always follow up with a final report.