University of Virginia Health System picture archiving system (PACS)

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University of Virginia Health System picture archiving system (PACS)

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) at UVA

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The PACS Client (Carestream Health) is intended for use by clinicians as an interactive tool for analyzing radiological data.

The PACS Client is divided into two areas:

1. Archive Explorer:

The Archive Explorer provides the interface with the data archives. You can:

  • maintain your workflow
  • organize data within the archives
  • select images from the archives

The left pane displays folders and their location.

+sign - indicates that the folder can be "expanded" to show more entries

-sign - indicates that the folder can be "collapsed to show fewer entries

The right pane displays the contents of a folder selected in the left pane

Carestream PACS Archive Explorer Window
2. Viewer Window:

After you select images in the archive explorer, the images appear in the viewer window.

From the Viewer Window you can:

  • manipulate and enhance images
  • perform diagnoses
  • view images
Carestream PACS viewer window
PACS manipulations PACS linking
PACS windowing PACS graphics and annotations


For direct transfer, QA process questions or any PACS Client questions please contact the Radiology Application Team at:

Normal Working Hours (Mon-Fri from 0800-1700)

Help is now available for any systems issues including transfer to PACS at PIC 1902. (dial 434-982-3500 then the pic 1902 from an outside line or 500 then 1902 if calling from a UVa phone.)

After-hours Support (Mon-Fri from 1700-0800, Weekends and Holidays)

Systems issues (PACS, PowerScribe, etc): please use existing after-hours procedures.  The after-hours Radiology IT Support phone number is 434-906-5682.

Note: During after-hours, do not text page 1902. Please call the above number

For ED trauma workflow inquiries please contact:

Trauma Liaison: 434-924-8000