Biomedical Image Analysis

Biomedical Image Analysis

Biomedical Image AnalysisResearch Overview

This research focuses on developing computational techniques for facilitating quantization of anatomical and/or functional variability in different populations or over time as a consequence of disease or injury. Areas of active research include various projects with neuroradiology faculty, collaborative pulmonary research using hyperpolarized gases, and the open source dissemination of useful image analysis algorithms. The primary venue for the latter is the Insight Toolkit (ITK) of the National Institutes of Health with which the researcher has a history of development.

The following projects are ongoing:

  • Longitudinal analysis and segmentation of pulmonary hyperpolarized gas imaging
  • Neuroscientific advancements in both clinical hypothesis exploration and methodological development
  • General algorithmic development and translational work
  • Collaborative refactoring of the ITK image registration framework



Nick Tustison, D.SC. - Assistant Professor of Radiology and Medical Imaging