Clinical Service

Clinical Service

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The Department currently consists of 47 full-time Clinical Faculty, 13 Research Faculty, 40 Residents and 25 Fellows and Instructors in training. State-of-the-art imaging equipment is available in the main hospital, the Outpatient Cancer Center, and in the Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging Centers at the Fontaine Research Park and the Northridge Transitional Care Facility.

The University of Virginia Medical Center provides primary, specialty, and emergency care throughout Central Virginia through a network of clinics as well as a main hospital with over 550 beds.

Services Provided 

Thanks to significant capital expenditure in recent years, our department has some of the most modern and innovative radiographic and imaging equipment available. We are heavily engaged in the clinical use and development of computerized tomography, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging. Over 280,000 diagnostic examinations are performed per year, including more than 170,000 plain films; 32,500 CT scans; 19,000 ultrasound examinations; 17,500 MRI scans; 9,500 special procedures; 8,600 nuclear medicine examinations; and 4,500 neurological special procedures.