Research Opportunities within the Division of Neuroradiology

Research Opportunities within the Division of Neuroradiology

Open Position

We have an open position for a neuroradiology research fellow. The incumbent will be involved in different neuroradiology projects, including a multicenter project on brain perfusion-CT in stroke, and a multicenter trial of pediatric stroke. He/she would be in charge of interpreting (qualitatively and quantitatively) neuroradiology images. As such, experience in neuroradiology or at least radiology is required. There will be no patient contact for this position. If interested, please email directly to


Residents, medical and bioengineering graduate students are welcome to participate actively in our research. Students may pursue independent research projects while completing their training under the auspices of different grants, including the Radiological Society of North America, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the American Heart Association. This research may represent their thesis or their graduate project. In addition, many students participate in faculty research projects that are often published in professional journals.

Trainees presently involved in Neuroradiology Research Projects

Research Fellows


Carlos Leiva Salinas

Resident involved in Research

Nicholas Demartini
Christopher Durst
Michael Reardon

Nick Said

Research Assistants

Angelika Hoffmann


Angelika Hoffmann
Benison Lau