Division of Neuroradiology Research Home Page

Division of Neuroradiology Research Home Page

Opening for Neuroradiology Research Fellow

We have an open position for a neuroradiology research fellow. The incumbent will be involved in different neuroradiology projects, including a multicenter project on brain perfusion-CT in stroke, and a multicenter trial of pediatric stroke. He/she would be in charge of interpreting (qualitatively and quantitatively) neuroradiology images. As such, experience in neuroradiology or at least radiology is required. There will be no patient contact for this position. If interested, please email directly to Max.Wintermark@virginia.edu.



Research: the UVA NeuroImaging Lab

The UVA NeuroImaging Lab is comprised of researchers dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge, education, and training in the field of CT and MRI technology and advanced imaging techniques such as perfusion imaging, spectroscopy, diffusion tensor imaging, and functional imaging. Our areas of research interest are imaging of cerebrovascular conditions such as stroke and aneurysms, imaging of head, and neck tumors, and of patients who have suffered traumatic brain injury, or who are affected with neurodegenerative conditions.

The UVA NeuroImaging Lab has more than 1,000 square feet of space available on the clinical campus, within walking distance to the neuroradiology reading-room, and another 1,000 square feet of space available at the Fountaine Research Park. It comprises staff to provide administrative, computer and statistical support, as well as help with medical editing. It is equipped with 10 high-end processing workstations, directly connected to PACS and Internet.



Dr. Max Wintermark can be reached via email at Max.Wintermark@virginia.edu or through Penny Guy or by mail (see below)


Penny Guy
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