Warning Signs

Warning Signs

Have you noticed changes in your driving or the driving of someone you love?


Do you or does someone you love:

  1. Feel more nervous, fearful, or angry while driving?
  2. Have difficulty staying in the correct lane?
  3. Have "close calls" or scrapes (e.g., on fences, garage doors, or curbs)?
  4. Have trouble judging gaps in traffic?
  5. Find that other drivers honk at you?
  6. Get lost more often?
  7. Have difficulty seeing the sides of the road so that cars or people come "out of nowhere"?
  8. React more slowly to unexpected situations?
  9. Find it hard to check over your shoulder when backing up or changing lanes?
  10. Experience medical problems or take medications that may affect your ability to handle a car safely?
  11. Get more traffic tickets or "warnings" than in the past?


If you notice one or more of these warning signs in yourself or someone you love, a driving assessment may be a good idea.

(Adapted from www.aarp.org)