Information About Evaluations

Information About Evaluations

Driving Responsibly

Driving is a central part of many people's lives.  Without driving, life can feel limited and even depressing.  However, driving is a high-risk privilege, with the potential to put drivers, passengers, and others in danger.

As people age, they must make decisions about whether to drive, especially if they suffer from medical problems or progressive diseases like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's.

The Virginia Driving Safety Laboratory helps drivers, families, and doctors make informed decisions about whether someone should drive.


What Abilities Does Driving Require?

  • Good vision
  • Coordination and quick reflexes
  • Memory
  • Paying attention to more than one thing at a time


Aging, alcohol, poor sleep, medical problems, medications, and other things may make it harder to drive.


What Should You Expect?

Our evaluation involves:

  • Completing a questionnaire at home
  • A two- to three-hour session at the Virginia Driving Safety Laboratory
  • A follow-up call or meeting to discuss your results
  • A written summary of your results


At the Driving Safety Laboratory, we will:

  • Discuss your driving experiences and concerns
  • Check your vision
  • Test your driving knowledge
  • Test your coordination and thinking
  • Have you drive our simulator


driving simulator

The Driving Simulator

You will drive a simulator that measures your ability to steer, control your speed, and negotiate obstacles in the road.  While the driving simulator is not exactly like a real car, it requires similar skills and provides important information about driving strengths and weaknesses.

Who Will See Your Results?

  • The information we gather will be given directly to you.  We will not send your results to your physician or car insurance company unless you request it.
  • We contact the Department of Motor Vehicles only when testing strongly suggests that someone should stop driving and he or she refuses to do so.

Who Pays for Your Evaluation?

The fee for our evaluation is $300.  Insurance companies typically do not pay the cost of this evaluation.   Therefore, the evaluation fee is required at the time of the assessment.