Resident Benefits

In addition to the salary and  benefits afforded all UVA Housestaff, the Department offers additional benefits for residents.

The following are determined and granted by the department:

Vacation: Each resident receives 3 weeks of vacation per year in addition to some time at the year end holidays these will vary from year to year depending on the resident compliment and calendar.

Conference Time: Each resident in the PGY II year and above will be granted up to 5 working days to attend educational and/or professional conferences.  Unused conference days are forfeited.

Book/Conference Stipend: The department provides a number of texts appropriate for each level of training.  In addition, for the PGY 3 & 4 years, there is a stipend that can be used to off set the cost of attending an educational conference or for study materials.  In the PGY 2-4 years, the Department pays the membership fees for residents to join the APA (the first year of membership is free).  The text list is reviewed annually.

PGY I - Books

PGY II - Books and APA Membership

PGY III - Books, APA Membership and $500 conference stipend

PGY IV  - APA Membership and $500 conference/book stipend

Discharge Summary Bonus: The Department rewards residents for completing discharge summaries within the required 48 hours from discharge time period.  

Travel Support for Presentations: The Department is committed to supporting resident's academic scholarly  activity and as a result, has dedicated funds annually to support the travel of resident physicians who are presenting their work at conferences or educational venues.  Residents can apply receive a grant from these dedicated educational funds to support costs of presenting at conferences.

Educational Leave: Residents who are elected or appointed to state or national medical organization leadership roles are granted educational leave to attend annual meetings and conferences.