Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

What do we mean by the WHOLE person? 



peicing the puzzleNot only do our patients receive the very latest treatment for addictive disorders, the Excelsior Program treats the whole person; the physical and psychological components of a person and their relation to their addiction.

An Undiagnosed illness can complicate addictive disorders by exacerbating the negative afft encountered during attempts to abstain from an alcohol or substance abuse problem.

Given the morbidity and mortality associated with addictive disorders, it is imperative to identify the best treatment to promote recovery. Thus, the effectiveness of having a comprehensive medical examination, psychological evaluation, and psychosocial evaluation is the key to starting a patient's treatment plan.

These evaluations combined are known as "fingerprinting." As each person's fingerprint is different, so are the factors in your life physically, emotionally, psychologically, and genetically. These are brought to the service to see how they play a role in your addiction. 

At the end of the evaluation period, the patient and the treatment team will institute their individualized and structured treatment plan.