Departmental Staff

Departmental Staff

General Administration

Greg Benham, Chief Operation Officer

Suzanne Morris, Business Manager

Laura Covert, Residency Coordinator

Kimberly McCauley, Fiscal Technician

Rebecca Hensley, Clerkship Coordinator

Laura Brown, Human Resources Generalist

Rachel Silski, Assistant to the Chair

Michelle Storer, Director of Research Administration

Teresa Woodson, Financial Services Specialist

Will Slusher, Systems Manager

Shandra Gammon, Billing Specialist

Jessica Shifflett, Coding Specialist

Michelle Thomas, Billing Specialist

Jennifer Childress, Coding Specialist

Mary Tinsley, Coding Specialist

Cassandra Utz, Coding Specialist


Medical Center Ambulatory Staff

Sarah Staton, Practice Manager

Christy Miller, Social Worker

Gloria Talley, Lead Access Associate

Chiquita Ragland, Access Associate

Joseph Rooney, Access Associate

Eleanor Earl, Nurse

Joanne Johnson, Intake Coordinator

Jessica Garland, Access Associate

Penny Phetteplace, Access Associate

Irma Arriaga, Access Associate

Indigo Williams, Access Associate


Neurobiological Research Center

Ming Li PhD, Neurobiology Section Head

Nassima Ait-Daoud, MD, Clinic Director

Sean Sembrowich, Nurse Practitioner

William Donald Eubanks, Transportation Coordinator

Eva Jenkins-Mendoza, Clinical Research Manager

Tracie Kostelac, Research Data Manager

Dee Green, Research Technician

Rebecca Beiter, Research Technician (Dr. Lynch's lab)


Behavioral Medicine Research Center

Linda Gonder-Frederick PhD, Director

Matthew Moncrief, Research Coordinator (Dr. Cox's Lab)

Jesse Grabman, Research Technician (Dr. Gonder-Frederick's Lab)


Computational Neuroscience

Boris Kovatchev, Ph.D., Director and Section Head

Christian Wakeman, Data Analyst

Laura Kollar, Clinical Research Nurse

Mary Oliveri, Clinical Research Manager

Sandra Foster, Administrative Specialist

Jessica Robic, Clinical Research Coordinator

Charlotte Barnett, Research Specialist

Elaine Schertz, Software Engineer


Behavioral Health & Technology

Lee Ritterband PhD, Director

Kirsten MacDonnell, Clinical Research Coordinator

Stephen Johnson, Software Engineer

Gabriel Heath, Software Engineer (Dr. Ingersoll's Lab)

Christina Frederick, Research Coordinator (Dr. Ingersoll's Lab)


Center for Psychiatric Clinical Research

Anita Clayton, MD, Director

Eleanor Jones, Clinical Research Coordinator


Child and Family Clinical Research

Vishal Madaan, MD, Director

Monica Periasamy, Clinical Research Coordinator


Institute of Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy (ILPPP)

Daniel Murrie, PhD, Section Head

Lynn Boyter, General Administration

Edward Strickler, Training Program Coordinator

James Wellbeloved-Stone, Research Specialist


Division of Perceptual Studies

Jim Tucker, MD, Director

Lori Derr, Research Coordinator

Sue Ruddock, Senior Program Support Technician