For Golfers

For Golfers

The SPEED Clinic Experience

All we need to do to play better golf is swing more efficiently, manage the golf course, and focus on each shot/target.  Sign me up!  So to lower that handicap, we just need to do two things:

1.   Efficiently deliver momentum through the golf ball; and

2.   concentrate on the right things throughout a round.

It’s really hard to accomplish those two tasks if you’re not physically capable or worse yet, injured.  Maybe your instructor or an internet video has the perfect solution for your swing…but what if you can’t realistically achieve those movements?  That’s just one of many ways we can help. 

What a Golfer Needs

Golf is the ultimate test of focus, confidence, patience, balance, and muscle coordination.  Yes, you read that right…golf is an athletic endeavor.  And the essence of coordination is the optimal combination of mobility and stability.  Luckily for us, our central nervous system is a remarkable computer which is able to sequence literally thousands of motor units into a beautiful, powerful swing.  It’s really amazing how our brains work to integrate the software (“movement patterns”) and hardware (musculoskeletal system). 


Max Playing GolfWe’ve all heard about being in “the zone”: the game can be much easier if we just get out of the way and let the brain do its thing.  However, inadequate mobility and/or stability in our bodies perturbs the sensory and muscle information the brain uses to create a balanced, powerful swing.  In other words, a physical limitation makes it much much harder for us to just “get out of the way.”  These afferent and efferent disruptions will not only kill swing speed, but impair our focus and even set us up for injury.  Toss in 12 random swing thoughts about each stage of the golf swing and we have a recipe for disappointment.  Sadly, many golfers become discouraged and try drills or swing thoughts for which they are not physically prepared.  This downward spiral leads to frustration and even injury.  Improvement starts with fixing your software and hardware so your brain can act instinctively.  We can upgrade your movement and work with your instructor or apply our own swing and short-game expertise.


Our outstanding technology and clinical analysis identifies the root causes of limitations and helps restore movement integrity so you can think, swing and score your best! 

 Objective Assessments

There are three key components which we integrate to figure you why YOU swing the way YOU do, and how you might do it BETTER.  Very few places on earth have this combination of tools:

1.   Musculoskeletal screen – we examine how you move in several simple tasks.  This tells us how the hardware and software are working. 

2.   Kinematic Data – Kinematics are the data which reflect the sequence of movement of your joints throughout your swing. 

3.   Kinetic Data – kinetics are the forces that act on those joints. 

3-D Golf SkeletonAssimilating these data and clinical observations means no stone is left un-turned in how we can improve your efficiency.  The musculoskeletal screen is a vital aspect of our analysis.  Mobility restrictions, instabilities, strength deficits, and postural asymmetries that plague many will be identified here. For example, a common golf ailment is irritation and arthritis in the lead shoulder.  But the site of the pain is rarely the source.  Relieving irritation (rest, drugs, surgery) might help your symptoms, but it doubtfully fixes the problem.  The shoulder symptoms are far more likely caused by a stiff (immobile) spine, poor stability in the opposite hip, poor mobility of the ankle, or a number of other possibilities.  Our goal is to find the cause and work from there. 

For kinematics, we use a very sophisticated system of cameras which collect your swing at 500 frames per second. There are inefficiencies and asymmetries that the human eye might miss in a simple video analysis, but we pick them up every single time. 

Laboratories that only use cameras to assess kinematic data, without incorporating kinetic data, are unable to perform thorough motion analysis assessments. This is what sets us apart.  It’s not enough to know how much you joints move.  Our unique kinematic analyses show us the forces on your joints in sequence with your weight transfer.  This information is critical to identifying power leaks and potential causes of injury from an objective set of data.  We identify and upgrade areas the naked eye and slow-motion video can miss!

Individual Impact

Our assessments provide a comprehensive analysis of forces and joint mobility during golf.  However, we recognize that each individual possesses a unique combination of physiological attributes including joint mobility/flexibility, dynamic muscle control, and motor recruitment patterns. Based on these parameters, we recognize each individual has a unique biomechanical footprint. Therefore, we spend ample time reviewing your training history and chronology of previous injuries.  The training program, exercise selection, and propensity for injury must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Likewise, our individualized plan for improvement will account for your unique set of circumstances.

 Tom working with Max on Golf


Following each assessment session, our singular goal is to educate you. We take ample time to review your session on the same day, explain the numerous data numbers and graphs, and discuss variables that are important for you to incorporate in your training program. Based on your unique biomechanical capabilities, we then provide you with a detailed written plan for functional strengthening exercises, stretches, and drills that can help you increase biomechanical efficiency and reduce the chance of injury. Additionally, we offer the option to demonstrate each exercise to ensure that you perform all of them correctly. We believe that performing exercises repeatedly, specific to your biomechanical parameters, is the key to unlocking your true athletic potential.


Technology for You

As we progress with our analytical tools, we want to keep up with technology used by our clients.  So we’re planning to launch a paradigm by which you can download video and picture descriptions of drills to your mobile device.  This will allow us to work in concert with your swing coach, trainer, or mental coach to deliver the best possible service.  We expect to be able to improve both your understanding and your access to our suggestions.  In short, YOU get more bang for YOUR buck!