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About Us


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UVA’s renowned SPEED Clinic (Strength, Power, Endurance, Education, and Development) is now taking appointments for 3-D Golf and Running analysis.  Our goal is to continue to serve all athletes of all ability levels. We strive to help each individual person reach his/her potential through better efficiency and reduced biomechanical insult. We offer both Golf and Running services to all patients. This is a unique opportunity to find out how the most advanced technology in the entire world of both golf and running biomechanical analysis can work for you. Through workouts, drills, and mental focus tips, we can help you maximize the efficiency in your swing and your stride. Please visit the Running tab  and  our Golf tab for more information on our services.

We at the SPEED Clinic believe our combination of state-of-the-art technology and passion for helping people make our offerings special.  Above all, we realize learning is a lifelong endeavor.  As such, we are knowledgeable enough to provide many services but humble enough to refer you to the appropriate expert for additional care.  Though we are able to construct complete training programs to maximize your time and mechanical efficiency, we are happy to work with your current health care professional/sport coach to help you reach your goals
We strongly encourage you to visit the appropriate tab or read the FAQs for general information on things like pricing, scheduling, directions, services, etc.  We hope the answers will help you make an informed choice about what we can offer.  Moreover, using the FAQs allows our staff more time to provide our clients a world-class service.  

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