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Check out the blog post written by Jenn Savedge who came and visited our lab towards the end of February. She not only discusses her personal experiences while here, but talks in detail about our overall process. Finally, she discusses the end result of her visit and how she hopes to improve her running with exercises and corrections that we gave her. Read it from the link below and think about how we could help you!

Cold out there? It is warm in here. 

Finding it hard to run or golf in this freezing weather? Worried that you will lose miles during this time? Well, worry no further. The SPEED Clinic has all of your running and golfing needs, right inside the heated lab. Why not come in and play some golf with us, or enjoy a gait analysis in the warm weather? We're enjoying the weather in here, why shouldn't you? Schedule your appointment today!
  ~January 24, 2014

Check out our YouTube Channel!

That's right everyone, the SPEED Clinic is now on YouTube! With 44 videos up of golf, running, tennis, and other exercises, we are here to help virtually as well as in person. Check them out!
  ~November 6, 2013

Updates from the Lab:

What's new? Well, between all of the conferences, seminars, and other meetings, our new Golf Assessment is better than ever. We've been working harder and harder every day to help improve our skills to make you the best player you can be. Come in today and see how much we can help you! 
As always, check us out on our social networking sites for frequent updates and other news from the lab.
   ~October 11, 2013

Check us out on Facebook!

Check us out on our new Facebook page and help us spread the word! 
   ~August 28, 2013

We are proud to announce our TPI certification!

Our director, Max Prokopy M. Ed., CSCS is now TPI certified! Come in and get your specialized golf assessment asap!
   ~July 9, 2013

The Lab's New Email: SPEED Clinic logo 2013

We have just created an official Lab Email for any and all questions! If our FAQ page did not answer your question and you are still confused or if you need to ask a question about a service we offer, please feel free to email us directly at
~June 6, 2013

The U.Va. Speed Clinic is now on social media! 

Have you ever wanted to know whats going on in the Gait Lab? Need to keep up to date with all SPEED Clinic news? Well now you can! U.Va.'s Motion analysis Lab is now on Twitter! You can follow @UVaSPEEDClinic for news, updates, and insight into all things SPEED. Check us out!
~June 6, 2013


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News from the Lab:
Over the last few months, the SPEED Clinic has been updating, reformatting, and transforming into the ultimate place for your running and golf analysis. We are proud to announce that we are open for running evaluations, and are now taking appointments for the end of March! Please feel free to use our site to answer any and all questions you may have and do not hesitate to call us!
We look forward to helping you achieve your maximum running potential. 
   ~March 1, 2013