PMR Research Rotation

PMR Research Rotation

PM&R Residency Program Manual
PM&R Resident Rotation Descriptions

PM&R Research Rotation    – Dr. D. Casey Kerrigan, Director of Research
PM&R residents are required to pursue research in an area of their choice, with the guidance of the department’s Research Director and the Department Chair. They are expected to learn various research designs, statistical techniques, and how to critically review and understand the medical literature throughout the course of their residency. This will be done through didactics, journal clubs, and independent readings. By the end of their PGY-2 year, they should have identified a study to pursue. By the time the rotation is started, they should have sufficient background work accomplished so as to complete the study by the end of the rotation and submit their work for presentation at a conference or for publication. 

Goals and Objectives:  

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of various research and statistical methods used in the medical literature. 
  • Mastery of basic research methods and statistical techniques.
  • Development of a research project including undertaking a comprehensive literature review. 
  • Implementation and completion of a research project, including obtaining IRB approval, selecting subjects, and acquisition and storage of results. 
  • Understand the process of statistically analyzing, interpreting, and writing up of research results for submission to a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Form a basis for the critical review and interpretation of scientific literature. 

Prior to beginning a research rotation, residents should:

  • Identify a research topic/area.
  • Identify an appropriate faculty supervisor (either within or outside the department).
  • Develop a proposal appropriate for the research rotation and submit it to the Department Chair for approval.
  • Or, obtain guidance from the chair regarding a topic for research.

When beginning the research rotation, residents must have already submitted a research proposal signed by a faculty advisor and approved by the Institutional Review Committee (IRC), when appropriate.

Signature by a faculty mentor implies:

  • Acceptance of the research proposal by the mentor.
  • Willingness to provide direct supervision of the research project, including compliance with IRC policies.
  • Joint responsibility (with resident) for insuring the completion of the research project.
  • Review of final submission.
  • Acceptance or rejection of final submission.

Assistance in planning, statistics, and reporting can be obtained from the Director of Research (D. Casey Kerrigan, MD), but project approval, monitoring, and submission is the responsibility of the resident and the faculty supervisor(s).  Additional assistance may also be available via the Information Technology Center and other faculty, when appropriate. Residents on the Research Rotation are still required to faithfully attend the noon didactic lecture series. Following completion of the research rotation, a formal document approved by the faculty supervisor must be submitted to the Director of Research and this document will be filed in the resident’s permanent file.