Promotion Probation Dismissal

Promotion Probation Dismissal

PM&R Residency Program Manual
PM&R Resident Promotion/Probation/Suspension/Dismissal Policies

Promotion of PM&R Residents to Subsequent Levels of Training
To ensure uniform criteria for the promotion of PM&R residents through ascending levels of training, residents in the training program will be advanced to the next year of training based on the following criteria:

  • The satisfactory performance level in general and specific competencies and rotations of each training year as determined by performance evaluations by supervising faculty;
  • Semi-annual performance evaluations with the Program Director and Associate Director; and
  • Satisfactory attendance in compliance with ACGME guidelines including personal and/or illness absences during training.

PM&R Resident Probation, Suspension and Dismissal
To ensure that a just and systematic process to assist a PM&R resident in improving his or her performance is the rule, the following guidelines will apply:

  • In the event of unsatisfactory performance or behavior by a resident physician, the residency program director is responsible for investigating the situation/complaint and formally counseling the resident.
  • The Program Director and members of the GMEC will discuss with the resident and establish an action plan that will improve his/her performance within one month.  At this time the resident is given the opportunity to have support with him or her (i.e. a mentor and/or a lawyer).
  • Thirty days following the initial counseling session, the resident will be informally reevaluated.  If the resident’s performance has improved significantly, the process will be discontinued.  If poor performance persists, the resident will be placed on probation.
  • During probation, the resident will be assigned a faculty mentor to assist the resident in improving his/her performance.
  • The resident will be formally reevaluated by the Program Director in consultation with the faculty mentor ninety days after being placed on probation.
  • Based on the resident’s performance during the ninety-day period, the program director can:
    • Remove the resident from probation.
    • Extend the resident’s probation for an additional ninety days.
    • Recommend the resident’s dismissal from the program.
  • A decision to dismiss the resident from the training program for continued and/or decreased performance or inappropriate behavior will be discussed with the Dean’s counsel.  The resident will be advised of his/her rights to grievance.

UVA policies regarding assessment of resident performance, including probation, suspension and dismissal, are available at: