Exam & Team

Exam & Team

PM&R Residency Program Manual
PM&R Resident Medical Examination/Team & Family Conferences Policies

PM&R Resident Medical Examination Skills
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that adequate instruction regarding appropriate attitudes, and the psychomotor skills required to perform general and specific physiatric examinations are provided throughout PM&R residency training.

  • Each PM&R resident must successfully complete each of the required rotations during their three- or four-year residency program in order to be exposed to all aspects of physiatric care.
  • Faculty must give residents the opportunity to evaluate and treat patients under their care while appropriate supervision and instruction is provided.
  • Faculty must demonstrate appropriate examination techniques, guide the resident in his or her own performance, give timely and constructive feedback, and the opportunity to correct deficiencies.
  • The didactic program must incorporate lectures that reinforce training in the physiatric examination.

PM&R Resident Team and Family Conferences
The purpose of this policy is to ensure adequate PM&R resident training in the conducting of team and family conferences.

  • Each PM&R resident is required to participate in all team and family conferences under the direction of the attending physiatrist.
  • He or she must progressively assume responsibility for directing the team and family conferences as his/her skills develop with the ongoing supervision and feedback of the attending physiatrist.