Away Rotations

Away Rotations

PM&R Residency Program Manual
PM&R Resident Away Rotations Policy

The University of Virginia Health System will provide salary and benefits (including liability insurance coverage) for one one-month away rotation per PM&R housestaff member per year. Rotations longer in length or second rotations may be funded by the department or by using vacation time. All requests must be approved by the UVa Graduate Medical Education Committee. Please follow the procedures below to arrange your PM&R resident away rotation:

  • The "Housestaff Away Rotation Application" form must be completed and submitted to the UVa Graduate Medical Education Committee at least 60 days prior to the start date of the rotation.  Approval by the UVa GME Committee insures that the resident will be provided salary and benefits, including liability insurance coverage, during the rotation. This form may be accessed at the following site:

          In addition to the completed form, the following must be attached:

  • A letter from the person who will assume primary responsibility for supervision and evaluation of the resident during the rotation.  The letter should confirm their agreement to accept this responsibility, a summary of the rotation experience, and the level of supervision that will be provided during the rotation;
  • A copy of the curriculum vitae of the person identified above delineating his/her training and experience.

The UVa GME Committee meets monthly on the third Wednesday at 4:00 pm in the Vice President’s Conference Room on the third floor of McKim Hall.  Items for the agenda must be submitted no later than the Friday preceding the meeting to Margaret Vandermark, Box 800291.The program director or his or her representative should be in attendance at the meeting to respond to any questions or concerns the members might have.  If you have any questions about the process for resident rotations or completion of this form please call Margaret Vandermark at 924-2047.  Please be aware that failure to adhere to this procedure could jeopardize salary continuations and liability insurance coverage by the Health System during away rotations.