PM&R Residency Manual

PM&R Residency Manual

PM&R Residency Program Manual

PM&R  Mission Statement/Overall Goals and Objectives
     Patient Care
     Medical Knowledge
     Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
     Interpersonal and Communication Skills
     Systems-Based Practice

PM&R Residency  Program Oversight and Evaluation

PM&R Residency  Training Overview

PM&R Residency Program Rotation Descriptions and Policies
Adult Inpatient Consult Service rotation for PM&R Residents
Cardiopulmonary Rotation  for PM&R Residents
Electrodiagnostic Medicine rotation for PM&R Residents
General Inpatient Rehabilitation Service rotation for PM&R Residents
Geriatrics Rotation  for PM&R Residents
Inpatient Neurorehabilitation Service rotation for PM&R Residents
IP Ortho/Joint Rotation  for PM&R Residents
Occupational Medicine/Outpatient Musculoskeletal Rotation for PM&R Residents
Outpatient Orthopaedic Rotation for PM&R Residents
Pain Management Rotation for PM&R Residents
Pediatric Rehabilitation Rotations for PM&R Residents
PM&R Outpatient Clinic/Spine & Sports Care rotation for PM&R Residents
Mandatory Attendance for Selected Sports Medicine Events for PM&R Residents
PM&R Outpatient Clinic Rotation – Prosthetics & Orthotics Component for PM&R Residents
PM&R Outpatient Clinic Rotation – Rheumatology Component for PM&R Residents
Recreational Therapy Rotation for PM&R Residents
Research Rotation for PM&R Residents
Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Service rotation for PM&R Residents
Outpatient Clinical Elective Rotations for PM&R Residents
Away Rotations Policy for PM&R Residents
Hospital Rotations, Call & Coverage, Pager, Meal Policies for PM&R Residents
UVA Housestaff Supervision Policy
PM&R Resident Supervision and Attending Role Policies for PM&R Residents
Duty Hours and Moonlighting Policies for PM&R Residents
PM&R Resident Leave Policies
Medical Examination/Team & Family Conferences Policies for PM&R Residents
Resident Evaluation Grievance Process for PM&R Residents
Resident Promotion/Probation/Suspension/Dismissal Policies for PM&R Residents
Noon Lecture Series & PM&R Journal Club for PM&R Residents
AAPM&R Membership & Resident Travel Allowance Policies for PM&R Residents

UVA Housestaff Position Description

UVA Housestaff Policy Manual