Spine and Sports Care

Spine and Sports Care

Division of Spine and Sports Care

The Division of Spine and Sports Care is a group of expertly trained physicians dedicated to the non-surgical evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of individuals with spine pain, sports injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders. Whether the injury is the result of professional sports, amateur sports, recreational sports or occupation, the goal is to return the individual to peak performance. The training and experience of each physician qualifies this team of professionals to effectively diagnose the problem and prescribe an individualized treatment program. Evaluations/consultations are available within 24 hours when needed.

Dr. Robert P. Wilder,  Sports Rehabilitation Director, is also nationally recognized for his expertise in sports medicine and aquatic rehabilitation. An Associate Professor and board certified in PM&R, he was recruited to UVa from the Tom landry Sports Medicine Center in Dallas, TX where he served as the Head Team Physicain for the Dallas Burn of professional Major League Soccer. He completed his fellowship in Sports Medicine at the Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute after PM&R residency training at Baylor University, Houston, TX.
He is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Medicine and Univ. of Dayton.
Dr. Wilder, an avid runner, is also a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Robert P. Wilder

Dr. Alan P. Alfano

Dr. Jeffrey Jenkins 

Dr. David S. Rubendall

Dr. Preston Grice 

Dr. Geoffrey Smith

Dr. Susan Miller

Dr. Ward Gypson

This Division of Spine and Sports Care provides comprehensive, non-surgical evaluation and treatment of the following conditions:

·         Sports Injuries 

·         Neck and Back Pain

·         Strains and Sprains

·         Sciatica

·         Arthritic Pain

·         Work Related Injuries

·         Myofascial Pain

Diagnostic Services:

·         Electromyography
Nerve Conduction Studies

·         Sports Specific EMG 

·         Radiology Facilities

Treatment Options:

Specific/Focused Exercise and Physical Therapy Prescription

·         Team leadership ability to coordinate
in-depth care when needed

Return to Sport/Work Focus

·         Focus on increasing YOUR knowledge of the problem and possible treatment options 

·         Focus on PREVENTION


·         Lumbar epidural injections

·         Lumbar selective nerve root blocks

·         Lumbar facet injections

·         Sacroiliac joint injections

Joint and other soft tissue injections
(including trigger point injections)

·         Acupuncture

The Division of Spine and Sports is Located at:

UVa Musculoskeletal Office Building at Fontaine, 3rd Floor

545 Ray C Hunt Drive, Suite 310

Charlottesville, VA 22908-1007

For an appointment call
(434) 243-5600