Disability Evaluation Services

Disability Evaluation Services

Disability Evaluation Services at the University of Virginia serve as a resource for the medical and legal communities as well as government agencies in the mid-Atlantic region. Comprehensive assessment and management of work related injuries and disability are provided. Services include:

Worker's Compensation Disability Evaluations - There are several different kinds of Worker's Compensation disability evaluations designed to identify physical impairment and associated disabilities and how they relate to the individual's ability to perform work:

  • Independent Medical Exam (IME): An Independent Medical Exam is a thorough and impartial assessment. The purpose of an IME is to objectively answer a caseworker's or attorney's specific questions regarding the patient's medical history. The patient will not be provided with advice, opinions, or treatment. It is not a comprehensive medical examination to assess all aspects of the patient's general health. (Not covered by regular health insurance.)
  • Impairment Rating: An impairment rating is an evaluation of physiologic or anatomic function based on the most recent edition of the "American Medical Association's Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment." A percentage of impairment is generated based on the exam and the guidelines.
  • Functional Capacity Exam (FCE): A Functional Capacity Exam helps to objectively determine whether a person may return to work, what work restrictions may be needed, and whether a person has reached maximal medical improvement. An exam includes cardiovascular conditioning, lifting, physical demand/positional tolerance, grip/pinch strength, range of movement, muscle strength of effected areas, and neurological testing. *Functional Capacity Exams are not done by the UVa Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. UVa-HealthSouth Outpatient Physical Therapy conducts these exams. For an FCE appt. please call 434-243-0311. (FCEs are not covered by regular health insurance.)

Disability Insurance: The insurance company usually initiates these exams. Disability is based predominantly on the treating physician's description and records. We can provide a second opinion in certain cases.

Medical Legal Consultation: Emphasis is on supportable medical conclusions and may involve examination and/or medical record review in cases with pending litigation.

Record Review and Medical Opinion Letter: This service provides a review and explanation of the information contained within the medical record. Specific questions may be addressed.
Jeffrey Jenkins, M.D. 

David S. Rubendall, M.D.

Susan Miller, M.D.

Ward Gypson, M.D.

Alan Alfano, M.D.

Paul Diamond, M.D.

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