Rehab Continuum

Rehab Continuum

UVA Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Continuum for the Healthcare Practitioner
Mary G. Bryant, MD

Rehabilitation Options for Inpatients
     - Acute inpatient rehabilitation
     - Sub-acute rehabilitation services (Skilled Nursing Facility/NSF)
     - Home health therapy services
     - Outpatient therapy services

Therapy Services Available
     - Speech Language Pathology - cognitive and
       dysphagia evaluations
     - Occupational Therapy - ADLs/IADLs, transfers,
       seating needs, adaptive equipment
     - Physical Therapy - Ambulation/mobility,
       balance, therapeutic modalities

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Consult Service
      - Helps determine which therapies are necessary
      - Determines appropriate setting for rehabilitation
      - Can coordinate ancillary services

When Should a Consultation be Arranged?
      - When an individual has impaired function and may need inpatient rehabilitation.
      - When an individual has impaired ambulation and impaired activities of daily living and
         needs specialized adaptive equipment, prosthetics/orthotics.


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