Shapiro, Novicoff among winners of 2011 Patient Care Award

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Shapiro, Novicoff among winners of 2011 Patient Care Award

Among the members of the winning team for the 2011 Charles L. Brown Award for Patient Care Quality are PHS's own Wendy Novicoff and Laura Shapiro.  Novicoff is Assistant Professor of Patient Outcomes, Policy & Population Research. Shapiro is a student in the department's Masters of Public Health program.

"I am really proud of Laura's involvement," Novicoff said in regard to the announcement. "She went from a complete novice in doing clinical research to becoming an expert in EPIC." 

Matthew Kinney, also a team member on the winning project, is a medical student here at UVa and worked in the past with Novicoff on an independent study.

Novicoff also said the project was an outstanding example of cross-departmental collaboration.

Here is the official announcement:

"The Quality Committee of the University of Virginia Medical Center is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2011 Charles L. Brown Award for Patient Care Quality is the project: “Improving Outcomes of the Total Joint Arthoplasty Patient: Validating Safety and Enhancing Mobility.” The project team included Andy Poole, PT, MSHA, Joel Anderson, RN, Quanjun Cui, M.D., Wendy Novicoff, PhD, Matthew Kinney, BS, Greg Cooper, PT, Stella Prevost-PT, MS, CCS, Patrick Hennelly, PT, Laura Schapiro, Peter Simons, PT, MSHA and Michelle Longley, R.N., GNP.  This effort by the Physical Therapy Unit, Department of Orthopaedics, 8 West, 6 East and Department of Public Health Sciences is a true demonstration of collaboration and teamwork in improving patient care.

"The specific goals for this project were to determine whether a knee immobilizer reduces patient safety problems (i.e. patient falls) associated with the recent practice of utilizing femoral nerve blocks for pain control after total knee arthroplasty, to implement staffing changes within the Physical Therapy Department that allows for the creation of a Post Operative Day 0 Mobility Program and to measure the impact on length of stay and other patient specific benefits of implementing a POD 0 Mobility Program. A retrospective study was completed that investigated fall rates before and after the introduction of a knee immobilizer, as well as the demographics of patients who experienced a fall compared with all TKA patients. The results showed a statistically significant reduction in falls following the change in practice in 2010 to standardize the use of the knee immobilizer as well as a reduction in overall length of stay.

 "The Charles L. Brown Award was created to honor the late Charles L. Brown’s service and generosity to the Health System as a former member of the Health Sciences Council in the 1990’s. He served as an advisor to the former Vice President for Health Sciences, Don E. Detmer, M.D. Through this fund, $10,000 is awarded to Health System faculty and staff to recognize excellence in patient care."