Richardson co-edits new book on School-Based Health Care

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Richardson co-edits new book on School-Based Health Care

School Based Health coverJeanita Richardson, Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences and Assistant Director of Community Health Programs & Research, has co-edited the forthcoming book, School-Based Health Care:  Advancing Educational Success and Public Health with colleague Terri D. Wright of the American Public Health Association, which is publishing the book. Click here for more information about the book.

Support for supplying health services in and near schools comes from both the health and educational sectors. The persistent challenge has been to bring both disciplines together as advocacy partners in support of children and youth.  As one example, APHA’s policy #201001, as well as its Center for School, Health and Education, support the value of breaking down the silos between health and education professionals because, particularly in the case of children and youth, “health and education are inextricably linked”.  Schools are one of the last institutions central to every community and have proven themselves to be a logical location to provide all manner of support services for children, youth and their families.

This edited book attempts to address that need by providing advocacy and sustainability strategies from the SBHC field.  Authors voices demonstrate the wide array of those committed to advancing the SBHC movement. Practitioners, state and federal SBHC organizations, academics, and representatives from the foundation and nonprofit sector all create a chorus of strategies readers can apply to their work. Given the diversity of contributors it is our hope that every reader will identify with at least one “voice” and feel empowered to replicate, augment and advance policies supportive of SBHCs and the nation’s children and youth.

Jeanita W. Richardson, PhD, MEd, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. Her scholarship highlights the inextricable links between health and learning readiness, particularly for disenfranchised children and youth. Her work has been published and presented in numerous national and international journals and conferences.

Terri D. Wright, MPH, ABD, is Director of the newly established Center for School, Health, and Education at the American Public Health Association. She provides leadership to the strategic development of school-based health programming and policy to avert school dropout. Formerly, she served for 12 years as a program director for health policy at the W. K. Kellogg Foundation and provided leadership for the Foundation’s school-based health care policy program. Terri was Maternal and Child Health Director and Bureau Chief for Child and Family Services at the Michigan Department of Community Health where she managed policy, programs, and resources with the goal of reducing preventable maternal, infant, and child morbidity and mortality.