Knaus, Cohn receive GO Challenge Grant 1RC2CA150911-01

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Knaus, Cohn receive GO Challenge Grant 1RC2CA150911-01

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has announced an RC2 grant award to principal investigators William A. Knaus, MD and Wendy F. Cohn, MEd, PhD of the Department of Public Health Sciences (DPHS), School of Medicine, University of Virginia.

The RC2 is a "GO" Challenge grant funded by the NCI aimed at building a Genome Enabled Electronic Medical Record (GenE EMR) and directed by Knaus and Cohn. GenE EMR is designed to be a patient and clinician support application for patients and clinicians enabling the electronic capture and verification of family history, environmental exposures, and appropriate genomic information as part of its integration into a wide variety of electronic medical records.

The project will involve over two dozen researchers from across the medical school and the university. This work builds on the previous work by the DPHS designing HealthHeritage, a web based application for family history information and recommendations that was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This grant also establishes DPHS and UVA as a member of the NCI's newly established Genome Applications in Practice and Prevention National Network (GAPPnet).

Knaus is the Evelyn Troop Hobson Professor of Public Health Sciences and founding chair of DPHS. Cohn is Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences in the department’s Division of Clinical Informatics.

To view the project abstract,  click here.