James Patrie, M.S.

Public Health Sciences

James Patrie, M.S.

Senior Biostatistician, Pstat®

M.S., Statistics, Oregon State University, 1997

Tel: 434-924-8576
Fax: 434-243-5999
E-mail: jp4h@virginia.edu
Messenger Mail: P.O. Box 800717
Location: Old Medical School, OMS 3883


Professional Accreditation:

American Statistical Association Pstat® professional accreditation.


General biostatistical consulting, clinical trial and experimental design, categorical and longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis, and manuscript and grant application development.

Professional Responsibilities:

General biostatistical consultant for the University of Virginia Department of Public Health Sciences

General biostatistical consultant for the University of Virginia Asthma and Allergy Center

General biostatistical consultant for the University of Virginia Division of Neuroradiology

General biostatistical consultant for the University of Virginia Department of Radiology

General biostatistical consultant for the University of Virginia Department of Ophthalmology.  

Professional History: 

Since the inception of my professional career at the University of Virginia, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with many medical research teams from diverse fields in the basic and clinical sciences.  My contributions to these collaborations have ranged in scope from providing biostatistical support in the design and the analysis of animal laboratory experiments to providing biostatistical support in the design and the analysis of multicenter Phase III randomized clinical trials. Since July of 1997, my collaborative efforts with medical research teams at the University of Virginia have led to co-authorship on over 110 peer-reviewed publications.  


Recent Publications:

1. Nass R., Liu J., Patrie J., Pezzoli SS., Farhy LS., Gaylinn BD., Thorner MO. Four-hour infusion of hydrocortisone does not suppress the nocturnal increase of circulating acyl- or desacyl-ghrelin concentrations in healthy young adults. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 99(9):E1696-700, 2014 Sept

2. Malik N., Hou Q., Vagal A., Patrie, J.,  Xin, W., Michel P., Eskandari A., Jovin T., Wintermark M. Demographic and clinical predictors of leptomeningeal collaterals in stroke patients. Journal of Stroke& Cerebrovascular Diseases. 23(8):2018-22, 2014 Sep.

3. Fox MG., Goldberg JM., Gaskin CM, Barr MS., Patrie, JT., Shen FH., Alford B. MRI of transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion: imaging appearance with and without the use of human recombinant bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2). Skeletal Radiology. 43(9):1247-55, 2014 Sept. 

4. Ugas MA., Huynh BH., Fox MG., Patrie JT., Gaskin CM. MR Arthrography: Impact of Steroids, Local Anesthetics, and Iodinated Contrast Material on Gadolinium Signal Intensity in Phantoms at 1.5 and 3.0 T1. Radiology, 272(2): 475-483, 2014 Aug.

5. Collins JS., Beller JP., Burt Solorzano C., Patrie JT., Chang RJ., Marshall JC., McCartney CR.Blunted day-night changes in luteinizing hormone pulse frequency in girls with obesity: the potential role of hyperandrogenemia. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 99(8):2887-96, 2014 Aug.

6. Grindstaff TL., Pietrosimone BG., Sauer LD., Kerrigan DC., Patrie JT., Hertel J., Ingersoll CD. Manual therapy directed at the knee or lumbopelvic region does not influence quadriceps spinal reflex excitability. Manual Therapy. 19(4):299-305, 2014 Aug

7. Rynders CA., Weltman JY., Rynders, SD., Patrie J., McKnight J., Katch FI., Hertel J., Weltman, A. Effect of an herbal/botanical supplement on recovery from delayed onset muscle soreness: a randomized placebo-controlled trial. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 11:27, 2014 Jul.

8. Lemercier P., Maya SP., Patrie JT., Flors L., Leiva-Salinas C. Gradient of apparent diffusion coefficient values in peritumoral edema helps in differentiation of glioblastoma from solitary metastatic lesions. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 203(1):163-9, 2014 Jul.

9. Wintermark M., Tustison NJ., Elias WJ., Patrie JT., Xin W., Demartini N., Eames M., Sumer S., Lau B., Cupino A., Snell J., Hananel A., Kassell N., Aubry JF. T1-weighted MRI as a substitute to CT for refocusing planning in MR-guided focused ultrasound. Phys Med Biol. 59(13):3599-614, 2014 Jul.

10. Furlong J., Rynders CA., Sutherlin M., Patrie J., Katch FI., Hertel J., Weltman, A. Effect of an herbal/botanical supplement on strength, balance, and muscle function following 12-weeks of resistance training: a placebo controlled study. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 11:23, 2014 June.

11. Qiao, Y., Zhu G., Patrie J., ; Xin W., Michel P., Eskandari A., Jovin T., Wintermark, M. Optimal perfusion computed tomographic thresholds for ischemic core and penumbra are not time dependent in the clinically relevant time window. Stroke. 45(5):1355-62, 2014 May.

12. Wang AY, Flynn MM, Patrie JT., Cox DG., Bleibel W., Mann JA., Sauer BG., Shami VM. Underwater endoscopic mucosal resection of colorectal neoplasia is easily learned, efficacious, and safe. Surgical Endoscopy. 28(4):1348-54, 2014 Apr.

13. Flors L., Leiva-Salinas C., Norton P.T., Patrie, JT., Hagspiel, K.D. Imaging follow-up of endovascular repair of type B aortic dissection with dual-source, dual-energy CT and late delayed-phase scans. Journal of Vascular& Interventional Radiology. 25(3):435-42, 2014 Mar.

14. Komlosi PZ., Yanrong Z., Leiva-Salinas C., Ornan D., Patrie JT., Xin W., Grady D., Wintermark, M. Adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction reduces patient radiation dose in neuroradiology CT studies. Neuroradiology. 56(3):187-93, 2014 Mar.

15. Swift DL., Weltman JY.,  Patrie J.T., Saliba SA., Gaesser GA., Barrett EJ., Weltman A. Predictors of improvement in endothelial function after exercise training in a diverse sample of postmenopausal women. Journal of Women's Health. 23(3):260-6, 2014 Mar.

16. Kennedy JL., Shaker M., McMeen V., Gern J., Carper H., Murphy D., Lee W-M., Bochkov YA., Vrtis, Rose F., Platts-Mills T., Patrie J., Borish L., Steinke JW., Woods WA., Heymann PW. Comparison of viral load in individuals with and without asthma during infections with rhinovirus. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 189(5):532-9, 2014 Mar. 

17. Durst C.R., Raghavan P., Shaffrey M.E.. Schiff D., Lopes M.B., Sheehan J.P., Tustison N.J., Patrie JT., Xin W., Elias W.J., Liu K.C., Helm G.A., Cupino A., Wintermark M.  Multimodal MR imaging model to predict tumor infiltration in patients with gliomas. Neuroradiology. 56(2):107-15, 2014 Feb.

18. Hallmark R., Patrie JT., Liu Z. Gaesser G.A., Barrett EJ., Weltman A. The effect of exercise intensity on endothelial function in physically inactive lean and obese adults. PLoS ONE. 9(1):e85450, 2014 Jan 20. 

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20. Wright PR., Fox MG., Alford B., Patrie JT., Anderson MW. An alternative injection technique for performing MR ankle arthrography: the lateral mortise approach. Skeletal Radiol. 43(1):27-33, 2014 Jan.