Masters in Clinical Research, University of Virginia

Masters in Clinical Research, University of Virginia

The Master of Science Program in Clinical Research in the Department of Public Health Sciences is an interdisciplinary graduate degree designed to meet the changing needs of the current health care field, particularly the increasing need for trained professionals with well-developed quantitative and analytic skills.

The MS-CR program provides training to health and medical professionals who desire and need quantitative and analytic skills in patient-oriented and translational research, as well as more traditional clinical investigation.  Using an interdisciplinary blend of biostatistics, epidemiology, clinical trial design, medical informatics, and health services research, the MS-CR program equips clinical researchers with the statistical and data management tools needed to conduct translational clinical and comparative effectiveness studies in medical care.  Students complete a minimum 31-credit curriculum that includes core courses, specialized coursework, and a final supervised research project, co-mentored by a PHS faculty member and the student's research advisor.  Since its inception in 1997, the MS-CR program has graduated over 150 students, most of whom were physicians in training.

The experience is one of intensive study aimed toward giving students the analytical skills needed in all areas of clinical research.



Program History

Launched in 1997, the MS-CR program subsumed the existing Master of Science in  Epidemiology program, which was created in 1981. The new program builds on the structure and courses previously offered in the Epidemiology program, while offering a breadth and diversity of courses not previously possible.

The M.S. in Clinical Research is administered by both the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine. The program is housed in the Department of Public Health Sciences in the School of Medicine.


Program Administration

Program Director: Jean Eby, ScD.
Academic Program Administrator: Tracey C. Brookman
Department Chair: Ruth Gaare Bernheim, J.D., M.P.H.


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