Practicum and Field Placement

Practicum and Field Placement



The field placement (PHS 8900) is a planned, supervised, and evaluated work experience with an organization that contributes to the health of a community.  This required component of the MPH program allows students to apply knowledge and skills learned in program courses in a real-world setting and to work toward achieving individually chosen competencies as well as overall competencies identified by the MPH Program.  Students are expected to work a minimum of 200 hours; placements may occur during an academic year, during one semester, or over the summer.  



Each MPH field placement is individually selected and tailored to the specific interests and needs of the student.  All placements are arranged through Dr. Paige Hornsby in the Department of Public Health Sciences.  Placements may be local or at a distant site.  Students are encouraged to explore opportunities with non-local and/or international organizations.  Requests for local placements are handled by Dr. Hornsby; students should not contact local organizations without prior permission.  In general, more time is needed to plan for a non-local or international placement. 



·         Spring placements should be finalized by December 1.

·         Summer placements should be finalized by May 1.

·         Fall placements should be finalized by August 1.


For more information please contact Dr. Paige Hornsby at