MPH Program Competencies

MPH Program Competencies


The UVa MPH program has adopted the following core competencies:  

Core Discipline competencies in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Health Policy and Management, Social and Behavioral Science, from the Association of Schools of Public Health Core Competency Development Project Version 2.3.  Cross-Cutting competencies focus in the areas of Diversity and Culture and Professionalism.  


Cross-Cutting Competencies

1) Translate research data into community programs and/or policy options that support individual and population health improvement.

2) Demonstrate effective written and oral skills for communicating with different stakeholders in the context of professional health activities.

3) Describe the roles of history, power, privilege, and structural inequality in producing health disparities.

4) Explain how professional ethics and practices relate to equity and accountability in diverse community settings.

5) Develop public health strategies responsive to the diverse cultural values and traditions of the communities being served.

6) Apply social justice and human rights principles when addressing community needs.

7) Apply basic principles of ethical analysis (e.g., the Public Health Code of Ethics, other moral frameworks) to issues of public health practice and policy.