Health Policy, Law, and Ethics Track

Health Policy, Law, and Ethics Track

Health Policy, Law, and Ethics Track-Specific Competencies

1)  Conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of the economic, political, ethical and legal dimensions of a public health policy.

2)  Analyze and evaluate health information and data relevant to specific public health policy issues.

3)  Generate and analyze policy options for public health and health services.

4)   Apply “systems thinking” to organizational and public health practice and policies.

5)   Apply principles and methods of strategic planning, budgeting, and management of public health and health service organizations and delivery systems.

6)   Assess the organizational structures, responsibilities, and values of key stakeholders, including governmental and nongovernmental organizations, in designing and evaluating health policy options.

In addition to MPH core courses, students select from among track-specific selective and elective courses, which include:

  • US Healthcare: Policy, Systems, & Administration (PHS 7200) 
  • Health Care Economics (PHS 7090)
  • Program Planning & Evaluation (PHS 7060)
  • Comparative Effectiveness & Outcomes (PHS 7120) 
  • Qualitative Methods in Community Health (PHS 7015)
  • Introduction to Biostatistics II (PHS 7001)
  • Epidemiological and Translational Research (PHS 7020)


In addition, students may take advantage of other courses offered throughout the University to enhance their individualized program of study.