MD - MPH Dual-Degree Program

The MD-MPH dual-degree program is a 5-year program designed to provide students with the opportunity to integrate medical school and public health course work, research, and community work throughout the five years. Students enroll full-time in the School of Medicine for four years and full-time in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) for one academic year when the student primarily concentrates on public health course work. Typically the GSAS year occurs between Years 3 and 4 of medical school. Both degrees generally are awarded at the end of 5 years.

Admission to the Program 

Any student enrolled in the M.D./M.P.H. degree program has access to 8 semesters of medical school financial aid and will pay 8 semesters of medical school tuition.

Students will remain enrolled in the School of Medicine for the first three years.

Students then will apply to and be accepted by GSAS for the MPH Program for the fall and spring semesters of Year 4.  


During Year 4, students enroll full-time for two semesters in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and complete 33 credits of MPH course work.  The student will pay graduate tuition through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and is eligible for appropriate graduate financial aid.

Students then return to the School of Medicine for the summer session and for the remaining fall and spring semesters of Year 5.  During Year 5 when registered and paying tuition in the School of Medicine, students will also register for 9 GSAS credits to complete their MPH course requirements.  Up to 8 medical school elective credits also may be awarded for this course work.

The following GSAS courses/credits are applicable to both programs (MD and MPH) and will be taken in Year 5:

PHS 8900 Field Placement

PHS 8940 Culminating Experience

PHS 8960 Supervised Independent Research

A letter from the M.P.H. director documenting successful completion of the above courses and supporting consideration for medical school elective credit will enable the student to receive up to 8 elective credits toward the M.D. degree providing that the letter is received 4 weeks before graduation.

Awarding of Degrees

Both the M.D. and M.P.H. degrees, providing requirements have been met for both career plans, can be awarded at the May graduation.