MPP - MPH Dual-Degree Program

The goal of the dual MPP-MPH degree program is to educate a small number of students to be national and international leaders in public policy on health-related issues and the delivery of health care.  Over the course of three years, dual degree students will fulfill all of the requirements for the MPH and MPP degree programs and will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty from the Batten School, the School of Medicine, and from across the University, including faculty in economics, psychology, architecture, business, public health, and law.

Health issues and the ever-changing health care delivery system occupy a significant place in three public policy domain and at every level of government, and dual degree graduates will be prepared to work across the public, non-profit, and private sectors.  Students will develop basic policy skills and an in-depth understanding of health policy from numerous professional perspectives, including medical, public health, economic, and law.  Through this dual degree program, graduates will gain the education need to be effective in professional roles that involve health policy development, analysis and research, and health care regulation, administration, and evaluation.

The MPP-MPH Program will be administered by one member of the Batten faculty and one member of the MPH program faculty, who will work with each student to coordinate curricula, fieldwork, and independent research.

Admission to the Program

Students must be admitted to both the Batten School and the MPH program through their normal admission processes.  Once the student is admitted to both programs, the student may petition to be a dual-degree student.  Admission to a Dual Degree Program should occur prior to matriculation. 


All dual degree MPH students are required to register a minimum of two semesters full-time in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.  Students must complete all course requirements for the MPH degree.  The dual degrees generally will take three academic years and two summers to complete and will be awarded at the same time at the completion of the third academic year.