Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

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PHS Basic Admission Requirements

The MPH  and MS programs in Public Health Sciences are administered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) and generally follows its admission requirements.  Application forms and their accompanying supporting documents should be completed on-line at the GSAS website

Applicants must hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution (or qualifying foreign institution) in order to be considered for admission.  Strong quantitative skills and computer literacy are vital to success in our program; therefore, special scrutiny is given to evidence of these abilities in each applicant's materials.

                  A complete application contains:

  • Completed, signed GSAS standard application form, submitted electronically at the above address
  • Application fee
  • Statement of purpose (your rationale for pursuing graduate study in this area)
  • Transcripts of all colleges and universities attended and listed on your
     application form, regardless of whether a degree was earned
  • Minimum of two letters of recommendation (academic or professional
     references accepted)
  • Official report of standardized test scores (GRE, MCAT, LSAT, or GMAT)
    Exception:  holders of doctoral degrees conferred by an accredited U.S. institution do not need to submit test scores
  • (Foreign students only) Official TOEFL score report

                  Optional materials:

  • Curriculum vitae or resume
  • Additional recommendation letters
  • Photograph


Applications should be submitted by March 1 for both the MPH and the MS-Clinical Research Programs.  We recommend that applications be submitted as early as possible since the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences  prefers that application materials be submitted by December 15.  However, due to the unique needs of our applicants we offer this deadline extension until March 1. 

Applications which are completed after March 1 will be considered late and will be evaluated on a space-available basis only.