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Move2Health Exhibit at Fed Up Documentary Screening Reception featuring Kathryn Whitestone (current UVa MPH student) and Amanda Nguyen (graduating UVa MPH student).

Kathryn Whitestone, Thomas Jefferson Health District Health Educator and MPH student (left)and Amanda Nguyen, Thomas Jefferson Health District Marketing Specialist and 2015 MPH graduate (right) are pictured above promoting Move2Health, a community-wide initiative created in response to the increasing rate of obesity in the Thomas Jefferson Health District to encourage community members to engage in physical activity and healthy eating. The presentation took place during the UVA Film Festival's Nove. 2014 screening of Fed Up, a nationally renowned documentary about the food industry and obesity in America.

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The Department of Public Health Sciences brings a unique, interdisciplinary approach to the generation, management and interpretation of basic science, clinical and health-related information.

Department faculty members provide a wide range of research collaboration and consulting support and services to School of Medicine faculty, departments and others.

The Department also provides a robust educational program in public health and clinical and population research at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.

The Department of Public Health Sciences collaborates in numerous cross-school and cross-university programs, and serves as a bridge to others across the university and to the community at large.

The Department has the following four sections of expertise, which provide a forum for intellectual exchange and collaboration among faculty and staff.


More information about the Department is available through the Office of the Chair and the Mission Statement and History.