UVA Legislative Affairs Policy

UVA Legislative Affairs Policy

As an employee of the University of Virginia, you may not lobby or otherwise participate in political activities on behalf of the University. But you may participate in political activities as an individual citizen. So, what can you do and what can’t you do?

You may:

  • Contact or visit your state and federal legislators as an individual citizen.
  • Write a letter to the editor or to a local, state, or federal agency as an individual citizen.
  • Participate in other political activities and vote as an individual citizen.
  • Identify yourself as a physician, social worker, health care coordinator, resident physician, etc. in your communications.

You may not:

  • Contact or visit your state and federal legislators and speak on behalf of the University of Virginia or the University Health System.
  • Use University resources to participate in the political process (i.e. do not use University email, fax, long distance phone access, mail, stationary, etc.)