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"It's a troublesome world. All the people who're in it are troubled with troubles almost every minute." Dr. Seuss, Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?

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Health Insurance: In our survey, 25% of adult caretakers and 10% of children had no health insurance; 39% of children had Medicaid/FAMIS insurance; and 17% of children had private health insurance.

Caretaker: In our survey, 69% of caretakers who brought in the child were the mother, 8% were the father.

Employment: 42% of all respondents reported that they were employed.

Describe the health of your youngest child:
Very Good 51%
Good 23%
Fair 6%
Poor 0%

What things make your child's health worse?
No health insurance 15%
No food stamps 9%
No employment 9%
Problems with caretaker education 8%
Not enough food 7%
Job training 6%

What things would you like help with?
Finding health insurance 29%
Housing 28%
Food stamps 21%
Employment 20%
WIC 15%
Welfare benefits 12%
Special education 10%
Child's school 8%
Child's disability benefits 8%
Immigration 5%

Education of caretaker:
Less than 12th grade, no diploma 21%
High school diploma 18%
Some college, no degree 15%
Associate's degree 7%
GED 5%
Bachelor's degree 4%
Professional degree 4%

Number of children:
1 - 23%
2 - 23%
3 - 13%
4 -  7%

Ethnic background of child:
African American 41%
White, non-latino 25%
Latino 4%

Benefits received:
Food stamps 31%
WIC 30%
Child care 10%
Supplemental security income 9%
Child support 8%
Social security 6%