Levels of Child Advocacy

Levels of Child Advocacy

Advocacy By Pediatricians

  • Can advocate for our patients on many different levels
  • Can personally choose the level we feel most comfortable and effective at
  • Can advocate for our patients within our time constraints
  • Can help create the changes we believe are needed in the field of pediatrics

Advocacy at the Individual Patient Level

  • Develop a method of screening your families for psychosocial needs that you (and they) are comfortable with and that will let you more fully understand your patients and their situations
  • Learn about the resources available in your community and make appropriate referrals for your patient families

Advocacy at the Community Level

  • Spread the word about community resources that you work with to your fellow residents
  • Contact the community resources to build a better relationship with your clinic
  • Write op-ed pieces to your own city/town newspapers about child health care issues in your community

Advocacy at the State Level

Advocacy at the Federal Level