Resident Initiatives 2009

Resident Initiatives 2009

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Mothers Play Group Intern Advocacy Project

Oct 2009 . . . This year, UVA interns worked with a mothers play group once a month to share child health and development information with the mothers and to volunteer with the children during the play session. This exciting new community collaboration introduces interns to the community we serve.

Public Benefits Resource Fair

Sep 2009 . . . Drs. Meg Keeley and Diane Pappas, along with Blue Ridge Care Connection for Children, hosted a Public Benefits Resource Fair for pediatric and family medicine residents. A variety of community agencies attendedto provide residents with important information on available community resources and how to refer patients who may benefit from these services. Exhibitors included WIC, Virginia Hearing Aid Loaner Bank, Virginia Extension Cooperative, Piedmont CASA, Logisticaire (Medicaid transportation services), UVA Child Health Advocacy Program, Blue Ridge Care Connection for Children, and Guide By Your Side, among others.Residents were treated to a “WIC Lunch” featuring foods from the list of WIC approved foods, including whole wheat bread, egg salad, fresh fruit, and milk.

2009 AAP NCE Delegates Chosen

Jul 2009 . . . Drs. Almea Matanock, Amy Brown, and Hazel Garrish have been chosen to be the UVA delegates at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition Meeting (NCE) in Washington, DC, in October 2009.They will attend the conference - particularly the Annual Assembly of theSection on Medical Students, Residents and Fellowship Trainees - and will serve as liaison between the AAP, their residency program, and the Virginia Chapter of the AAP.

Dr. Haberman Appointed New AAP District IV CATCH Resident Liaison

2009 . . . Dr. Cara Haberman is the newly appointed District IV CATCH Resident Liaison for the AAP CATCH (Community Access To Child Health) program. This national program aims to improve access to health care by supporting pediatricians and communities involved in community-based efforts for children. Begun in 1991 under a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, CATCH provides grant opportunities to residents and practicing pediatricians who are pursuing community health initiatives. Dr. Haberman will provide technical assistance to other residents applying for CATCH grants,maintain communication between local and national representatives, and promote the program to other residents, serving for the next two years.

Residents Raise $1,000 for UVA Children's Hospital Telethon!

Jun 2009 . . . UVA pediatric residents came together once again to raise money for the annual UVA Children's Hospital Telethon. Selling t-shirts and outer wear with the UVA pediatrics logo, they exceeded their goal and raised $1,000! Their donation was presented by Drs. Katie Nelson and Harrison Mabry during the telethon telecast on Sunday, May 31st, on NBC 29!

Intern Class of 2011 Launches Campaign to Reduce Second-Hand Smoke Exposure

Jan 2009 . . . This year's UVA intern class has chosen their advocacy project: a campaign to reduce second-hand smoke exposure. The interns will research current information and effective methods for educating families and reducing exposure. Activities will include:

  • Build a program for implementation at Primary Care Center General Pediatrics Clinic - using a variety of tools including patient information handouts and medical staff educational sessions.
  • Develop a PowerPoint presentation to play in the patient waiting rooms on a repeating basis to provide information to families about this important health issue.
  • Follow the smoking ban legislation proposed in the Virginia General Assembly this year.