Resident Initiatives 2008

Resident Initiatives 2008

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BAMA Works Grant Supports Diaper Duty Program

Dec 2008 . . . The Diaper Duty Program has received a $7,000 grant from the Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band to provide diapers to families in need whose children are cared for at the Primary Care Center General Pediatric Clinic. As a result, 100 families identified by Social Work will receive vouchers to obtain diapers to keep their infants healthy and dry during the first year of life. This will allow the Diaper Duty Program to continue operations, which has become even more important in light of the widespread economic downturn which is severely affecting the poorest families in our area.

Buck Mountain Half Marathon Benefits Diaper Duty Program

marathon.jpgOct 2008 . . . Over 100 individuals braved the 40oF weather on a beautiful Sunday morning to raise money for the UVA Diaper Duty Program. In addition to a 13 mile half-marathon, there was a "mini-marathon" of 2.6 miles for those not wishing to punish their bodies due to their lack of professional training (there were many seasoned runners who ran the 13-miler). Participants made voluntary donations and all proceeds will benefit the Diaper Duty Program.

The event was sponsored by Mark Lorenzoni and the Ragged Mountain Running Shop, one of many races conducted through their sponsorship. Many thanks to all participants and the folks at RMRS for their generosity, and to 4th year medical student, Pooja Mehta, who was instrumental in organizing the event.

Wal-Mart Distribution Center Donates Truckload of Diapers

Oct 2008 . . . Although the annual "Rally in the Valley" fund raiser for the Diaper Duty Program was rained out this year, the Wal-Mart Distribution Center at Mount Crawford delivered a truckload of diapers to replenish dwindling supplies so needy families can receive diapers for their infants. Pediatric social workers identify families who meet eligibility criteria. Vouchers are given at the child's check-ups at the UVA Primary Care Center General Pediatric Clinic. With luck, the rally will resume next year.

Diaper Duty Program Receives Venture Award

Oct 2008 . . . The UVA hospital Auxiliary has awarded $1,200 to the Diaper Duty Program. The award will be used to keep the diaper closet stocked with diapers and wipes for families in need whose children receive care at the Primary Care Center General Pediatric Clinic.

Diaper Duty Program Receives Discretionary Award

Sep 2008 . . . The Diaper Duty Program has received a $675 award from the UVA Children's Hospital Discretionary Fund. The award will allow the closet to be restocked so that families in need can continue to receive diapers during this economic downturn, when it can be particularly difficult to make ends meet. Additional funding opportunities are being explored to keep the closet full.

fair.jpgfair2.jpgFirst UVA Pediatric Community Resource Fair

Sep 2008 . . . Over 30 community agencies attended the first UVA Pediatric Community Resource Fair. Participating agencies included:

  • Head Start
  • Early Intervention
  • Blue Ridge Care Connection for Children
  • UVA Educational Consultants
  • UVA Child Health Advocacy Program (CHAP)
  • Many others who came together to share information about community resources and meet pediatric health providers

Pediatric and family medicine residents got an opportunity to interact face-to-face with the community agencies who also serve our patients and families. The day was complete with lunch and door prizes for everyone!

Adolescent Leadership Mentoring Alliance CATCH Grant Awarded

2008 . . . Dr. Cara Haberman has received an AAP Resident CATCH grant to develop and implement an adolescent leadership mentoring alliance to help youth with chronic illnesses.

UVA Residents Staff Boys and Girls Club Health Fair

clubfair.jpgJul 2008 . . . UVA Pediatric Residents participated in the Boys and Girls Club of Charlottesville/Albemarle Annual Health Fair, providing blood pressure screening and lifestyle advice as well as free sports physicals for Boys and Girls Club members. The fair took place amidst an atmosphere of fun and well-being as participants drank custom-made smoothies and jumped on air-filled gym equipment. Faces were painted, prizes were raffled and healthy attitudes were promoted while close to 200 blood pressures were checked and dozens of physicals were completed. UVA residents and faculty have been annual supporters of the health fair since 2005. 

Dr. Mark Cummings Champions Louisa County Obesity Task Force

Jun 2008 . . . Over the past year, Dr. Mark Cummings has focused on facilitating the development of a Childhood Obesity Task Force in Louisa County. He has partnered with state leaders, attending the Governor's Healthy Student Summit in Richmond where he met and developed working relationships with colleagues from across the state. He also collaborated with local leaders, especially school administrators and principals, and worked to identify existing community resources that may be helpful in the work of a task force.

The group has evaluated the performance of Louisa County schools using the Governor's Scorecard for Fitness and Nutrition Programs, identifying significant areas where meaningful change could be made, especially in the area of physical education offerings. They plan to continue using this as a tool to measure progress. They also changed the drop-off location for school buses so that children are dropped ¼ mile from school and finish the trip to school with a walk! Other plans are underway, including a family fun run. A local physician group has also joined the task force and will act as a medical liaison. The Louisa County Childhood Obesity Task Force continues to evaluate and refine their work in this rural community, to promote healthy lifestyles and improve child health.

Residents Address VA AAP at Birdsong Conference

Apr 2008 . . . Drs. Arthi Krishnan and Kate Schrecengost, and faculty member Dr. Martha Hellems, presented their experiences at the AAP Legislative Conference and their plans for developing and implementing a Virginia resident advocacy workshop. The planned workshop will provide residents with the advocacy skills needed to participate in the legislative and policy-making processes which so greatly impact child health. The workshop will be the product of a Dyson Grant awarded to Dr. Krishnan and Dr. Hellems earlier this year, in collaboration with Dr. Schrecengost, who received an AAP John Lewy Scholarship.

Dr. Ashley Logan Launches Telemedicine Obesity Program With Southwest VA

Apr 2008 . . . Dr. Ashley Logan has developed a telemedicine-linked obesity prevention and treatment program for the Craig County School System in Southwest Virginia designed to bring needed services to a population without access to this care. Dr. Logan attended the Governor's Healthy Student Summit in Richmond last fall. She is working in collaboration with the UVA Children's Fitness Clinic, the health clinic at Craig County Elementary School, and staff at the Craig County Health Department. Working with UVA faculty member Dr. Karen Rheuban, she has obtained funding to launch this initiative and the first training session took place in April 2008.

This program will offer intensive training to a Craig County team on assessments for the emotional, nutritional, psychological and exercise factors related to obesity, with weekly telemedicine conferences to discuss questions and concerns encountered each week. The Craig County team will then begin standardized assessments of the children seen in their system and will work with the UVA team to address medical concerns and treatment recommendations for these children. Outcome measures will be assessed and include using the data from these initial evaluations to support funding applications for future developments of this program.