Inpatient Wards

Inpatient Wards

proctor.jpgThe University of Virginia Children's Hospital has two pediatric wards: one for infants and another for older children and adolescents, with a combined capacity of 37, and approximately 2,700 annual admissions.

The wards are served by a team comprised of two upper-level residents and three first-year residents.

Subspecialists contribute to patient care as consultants, while specialists from other departments collaborate with the pediatric staff, for example, as in the case of an infant with surgical problems. As a resident, you will work with a variety of pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists from other departments to best fulfill the special medical needs of children. In addition, you will be able to follow the progress of patients after hospital discharge, enabling you to learn about the essential continuity of health care.

Length of rotation and call schedule for the Wards rotation vary:

  • PL-1:  3-4 one-month rotations, with every 4th night on call
  • PL-2:  2-3 months rotation, night cross-cover only (during electives)
  • PL-3:  2 months rotation, with every 4th night on call

Your average patient load in the Wards will be from 6 to 8. The typical number of admissions for evening on-call duty is also 6-10.

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