Ambulatory Pediatrics

Ambulatory Pediatrics

al-shammaa.jpgThis rotation provides hands-on experience with general and subspecialty pediatric patients in the General Pediatric Clinic and the Continuity Clinic.

In the General Pediatric Clinic, you will see children for well-child visits and for a variety of general medical problems. Both you and the medical students who assist you will be precepted by general pediatric faculty members. This clinic operates in the Primary Care Center (PCC) on weekdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The half-day, weekly Continuity Clinic gives you the opportunity to follow a group of patients over an extended period of time, much as you will be doing in a regular practice. In particular, it emphasizes:

  • physical and emotional growth and development
  • health promotion/disease prevention
  • management of chronic and acute medical conditions

The Continuity Clinic is held at one of three locations: the Primary Care Center, the Northridge Pediatric Clinic, or the Orange Pediatric Clinic.

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