The 36-month Fellowship in Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics comprises two years of required patient care activities and a third year of focused research endeavor. Specific rotations are outlined below.

Outpatient Rotation: 24 months

lobby.jpgThese rotations are completed in the various specialty clinics of the KCRC (cerebral palsy, myelomeningocele, neurodevelopmental, muscular dystrophy) and the high-risk neonatal follow-up clinic at the University of Virginia Medical Center. Trainees participate in the interdisciplinary diagnostic team process and the ongoing habilitation of children new to the system or already established and followed longitudinally. Coordination of total care of the patient and, in particular, close interaction with private pediatricians and other health practitioners throughout the local and state community, is emphasized. During the second year, fellows are encouraged to pursue particular areas of interest while working in the outpatient clinic.

Pediatric Neurology Rotation: 1 month

This rotation is completed on the inpatient and outpatient services of the Pediatric Neurology Division at the University Medical Center. Intensive exposure is provided to the more acute neurologic problems in childhood, differential diagnosis, special neurologic investigations, and acute management. Special exposure to the neurological assessment of metabolic, degenerative, and mass lesions is anticipated and a review of neuroanatomy and neuropharmacology is expected.

Pediatric Genetics Rotation: 1 month

This rotation takes place in the clinics and on the consultation service of the Division of Pediatric Genetics. Outpatient evaluations and inpatient consultations on children with inherited diseases and/or dysmorphic syndromes are stressed so that the fellow may acquire a systematic approach to dysmorphology and inborn errors of metabolism. The trainee will also develop familiarity with the specific indications and laboratory techniques for chromosome analysis, skin biopsy, fibroblast culture and enzyme assay, and metabolic screening.

Child and Family Psychiatry Rotation - 1 day/week for 6 months

The primary goal of this rotation is to provide a carefully supervised outpatient experience where the fellow learns to evaluate and provide treatments including psychoactive medications to selected children and adolescents with common psychiatric illness.


Three weeks annually: may be taken in minimum one-week blocks arranged at the beginning of each year.