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Paul D. Mintz, M.D.

Paul D. Mintz, M.D. Faculty Profile


Paul D. Mintz, M.D.

Director, Clinical Pathology

Professor, Pathology and Internal Medicine

Director, Clinical Laboratories and Transfusion Services

Co-Director, Transfusion Medicine Fellowship Program


University of Rochester, MD (with honors), 1974
Resident, Clinical Pathology,1974-1977, (Chief Resident '76-'77) State University of New York, Syracuse

Fellow, Clinical Coagulation ,1977-1978, Univ of North Carolina Medical Center

Fellow, Coagulation Research, 1978-1979, Temple University Medical Center


Transfusion medicine with emphasis on the indications for blood and blood component transfusion, risks of transfusion, and the collection, processing, and preservation of blood, blood components, and hematopoietic progenitor cells


President, American Association of Blood Banks 2004-2005

Clinical Staff Executive Committee, University of Virginia Health System 2002-2005


Clinical trials of pathogen-inactivated blood products and multiple devices intended for use in blood center and hospital blood banks. Defining improved conditions for the collection and preservation of platelets and red cells; methods of pre-transfusion testing for serologic incompatibility; irradiation-induced red cell damage and its consequences for blood component storage and cell survival post-transfusion.


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