Jamie L. Covell, B.S. CT(ASCP)

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Jamie L. Covell, B.S. CT(ASCP)

Jamie L. Covell, B.S. CT(ASCP) Faculty Profile


Jamie L. Covell, B.S. CT(ASCP)

Assistant Professor, Cytology

Manager, Cytology Laboratory 


School of Cytotechnology , Charity Hospital of Louisiana at New Orleans,
New Orleans, LA, 1968 - 1969


Diagnostic cytopathology from all body sites.


Current projects include evaluation of computerized rescreening devices for Papanicolaou (Pap) smears; correlation and follow-up of ASCUS/AGUS diagnoses in Pap smears; observations on the problem of atypical glandular cells in Pap smears. Residents are offered the opportunity to participate in a clinical research project during their cytology rotation.


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