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William Foster, MD Publications

William C Foster, MD


Foster, W.C.: Limb-sparing surgical approaches to primary malignant bone tumors. Cancer News Quarterly
3(3):1-5, 1983

Foster, W.C., Springfield, D.S.,and Brown, K.L.B.: Pseudotumor of the arm associated with rupture of silicone gel breast prosthesis. J. Bone Joint Surg. 65 (4): 448-451, 1983.

Adelaar, R.S. Foster, W.C. and McDowell, C.L. The treatment of the cubital tunnel syndrome. J. Hand Surg.
9-A(6):90-95, 1984

Foster-, W.C. Biopsy of musculoskeletal tumors. Update in Orthopaedics. Volume 4, Lesson 17 1986.

Hanks, G.A., Foster-, W.C. Cardea J.A.: Total hip arthroplasty complicated by mismatched implant sizes:
Report of two cases. J. Arthroplasty 1(4): 279-282, 1986.

Yaghmai, I., and Foster-, W.C. Intraosseus ganglion of the distal end of the ulna with a pathological fracture. Skeletal Radiology 1987: 16(2): 153-6

Hanks, G.A.,Foster, W.C. and Cardea, J.A.: Treatment of femoral shaft fractures with the Brooker-Wills Nail. Clin. Orthopaedics. 1988. Jan. (226) 206-218.

Blumberg, K.D., Hanks, G.A., Foster, W.C., Cardea, J.A. The Brooker-Wills Femoral Nail: Technical difficulties and their avoidance. Special Technical Publication 1008. Philadelphia American Society for Testing and
Material, 1989.

McKinnon, J.G., Neifeld, J.P., Kay, S., Parker, G.A., Foster, W.C., and Lawrence, W.Jr:  Management of
desmoid tumors.  Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics. 1989 August 169(2):104-6.

Resnick, C.S. and Foster, W.C.: Achilles Tendon Ossification and Fracture Journal of the Canadian Association of Radiologists.  1990 June; 41(3):  153-4.

Blumberg, K.D., Foster, W.C., Blumberg, J.F., Adelaar, R.S., Deblois, M.E., Hussey, R.W., Loughran, T.P., and Cardea, J.A.: A comparison of the Brooker-Wills and Russell-Taylor nails for treatment of patients who have fractures of the femoral shaft. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, American, 1990 August; 72(7): 1019-24.

Bancroft, L.W., Kransdorf, M.J., Menke, D.M., O'Connor, M.I., and Foster, W.C.:  Intramuscular myxoma:  characteristic MR imaging features.  American Journal of Roentgenology. 2002 May; 178(5):  1255-9.

Kransdorf, M.J., Bancroft, L.W., Peterson, J.J., Murphey, M.D., Foster, W.C., and Temple, H. T.:  Imaging of fatty tumors:  distinction of lipoma and well-differentiated liposarcoma.  Radiology. 2002 July; 224(1):99-104.

Kaushik, S., Miller, T.T., Nazarian, L.N., and Foster, W.C.:  Spectral Doppler sonography of musculoskeletal
soft tissue masses.  Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine.  2003 December; 22(12):  1333-6.

Taylor, N.E., Foster, W.C., Wick, M.R., and Patterson, J.W.:  Tumefactive lipedema with pseudoxanthoma elasticum-like microscopic changes.  Journal of Cutaneous Pathology. 2004 February; 31(2):  205-9.

Fern, S.E., Coggins, C.A., Massey, H.D., and Foster, W.C.:  Intramuscular angiomatous tumors associated
with periosteal changes and pain.  Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances.  2005 Spring; 14(1): 37-41.

Shen, F.H., Harper, M., Foster, W.C., Marks, I., and Arlet, V.: A novel "four-rod technique" for lumbo-pelvic reconstruction:  theory and technical considerations.  Spine. 2006 May 20; 31 (12):1395-401.

Samartzis, D., Foster, W.C., Padgett, D., Shen, F. H.:  Giant cell tumor of the lumbar spine: operative management via spondylectomy and short-segment, 3-column reconstruction with pedical recreation. 
Surgical Neurology 2008 February; 69(2):  138-141.      

Bachmann, K.R., Berbescu, E.A., Domson, G.F., Foster, W.C.:  Proximal humeral prosthesis loosening: 
Two case reports.  Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery 2008 November; 17(6): e12-e15.

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