Medical Students

Medical Students

The Ophthalmology Department works in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs in the School of Medicine. 

Fourth year medical students have the opportunity to participate in a two to four week rotation with Ophthalmology Faculty and Residents.  Dr. Laura Cook is the supervising faculty member for the medical students.  

Each student has the option to do a two week (Surgery Selective) or four week (Elective) rotation in the department.  Medical students receive a broad education by being given the option to follow the Faculty and Residents in clinic, visit our Northridge Satellite Clinic, or observe surgeries at the Outpatient Surgery Center and the Main OR and minor procedures in the clinic’s procedure room.  

The School of Medicine also allows medical students from other institutions to rotate within its departments.  Visiting medical students in Ophthalmology participate in a four week rotation and follow the same schedules as UVA medical students. 

To inquire about Ophthalmology rotations at UVA, please contact our Medical Student Coordinator, Liz Blough, at (434) 982-0377 or


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