Primary Care exterior building


The Neurology Outpatient Unit (NOPU) is in the Primary Care Center (PCC).

NOPU is located across the street from the parking garage on Lee Street, next to the main University Hospital.  The EMG Lab,  EEG/EP Lab, and Neurology Clinic is on the Ground Floor of the PCC.

Fontaine clinicFontaine Outpatient Clinic

The Fontaine Outpatient Clinic is located at 500 Ray C. Hunt Drive, Building #500, 1st floor.                                                                    


The Laboratories

The department of neurology operates eight basic research laboratories within a total of 7,700 square feet of space. Seven of the laboratories are in Cobb Hall and one is in the Barringer Wing. Both buildings are near the neurology faculty offices and NOPU.

The EEG/EP Laboratory

The laboratory offers an active training program for residents and fellows, including daily EEG reading and a weekly conference.

The large volume and high quality of patient referrals make the laboratory an excellent resource for clinical investigation and advanced training in clinical neurophysiology.

As part of the ongoing process of keeping the laboratory at the vanguard of technology, analog EEG recording has been upgraded to digital recording.

EMG test takingThe EMG Laboratory

Patients with peripheral neuropathies, neuromuscular junction disorders, myopathies, and motor neuron diseases are seen in the laboratory.

Lab staff perform the following test and procedures:

  • Nerve conduction studies
  • Needle electromyography
  • Autonomic function testing
  • Intraoperative electrophysiological monitoring

The Electromyography Laboratory is an integral part of the Neuromuscular Disease Program and consists of four electrodiagnostic examination rooms along with additional rooms for warming, technical staff, and housestaff.

Activities within the program include the following:

  • Neuromuscular clinics
  • Inpatient consultation services
  • Electrodiagnostic/electromyographic evaluations
  • A fellowship program
  • Clinical research/treatment trials

An active didactic program is available to residents and fellows and involves weekly conferences in neuromuscular diseases, electromyography/electrodiagnosis, and peripheral nerve/muscle pathology. Residents are encouraged to participate in ongoing clinical research, including treatment trials for a number of neuromuscular disorders.