UVa Department of Neurology - Facilities - Spine Unit

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UVa Department of Neurology - Facilities - Spine Unit

The six beds of this unit, which is housed on the University hospital's 6 West floor, offer continuous monitoring; two of the beds also have the capability for ventilator support. The purpose is to consolidate all patients with spinal cord involvement into one specialty unit.

A unique commitment

UVa's Spine Unit provides focused care and intensive education to patients with spinal cord injury. The rooms, located on the 6th floor of the University Hospital's East Complex, are specifically designed to accommodate patients recovering from both elective and emergency spine surgeries, including those requiring a ventilator. Our patients repeatedly express their gratitude for providing such a unique place.

Meeting all needs

A specially trained multidisciplinary staff of physicians, nurses, therapists and social workers dovetail their efforts so each patient receives the most appropriate care that meets both physical and emotional needs. Frequently, a patient whose condition has improved and who is moved from the Nerancy Neuro Intensive Care Unit will have the same therapists on the Spine Unit.

The nurses on this Unit understand the unique clinical requirements of patients recovering from spine surgery. Our physical, occupational, and respiratory therapists also have special expertise and a great deal of experience caring for patients overcoming back surgery and other neurological problems. And our social workers are uniquely qualified to assist our patients with a range of needs, from returning to work after elective back surgery to dealing with the potential maze of social and medical issues following a severe spine injury.